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The story of Fort Collins-based bike repair shop, Bike Wrench, begins with a man named James, and a century ride called the Texas MS150. In the training leading up to the event, James met his family of riders that would continue to be his group for years to come. It is this family that inspired James to gain a love and passion for cycling, giving him the courage to compete in his first bike race. From there, he took cycling into his professional realm, getting a job with a local bike shop in Colorado Springs. Upon arrival in Fort Collins, he started volunteering with what we’ve all come to know and love as the Fort Collins Bike Co-Op. While fixing gears, he extended his cycling philanthropy to a Diabetes Awareness non-profit org called Team A1C. A1C is a bicycle ride that takes place once a year beginning in Steamboat Springs, and ending in Fort Collins. With this ride, he helps to bring awareness to a rapidly growing disease.

If those achievements weren’t enough, he then moved on to start Bike Wrench. Why not take a passion for cycling, and share it with the avid riders in Fort Collins as a bike repair shop? The cyclist and non-profit leader took his love for cycling one step further into being a bike mechanic. Unique as it is, his bicycle repair is mobile, so that you can have bike repair right at your door.

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Bike Tune-up are a seasonal maintenance. Keeping your bike tuned regularly keeps you on the trails and road and makes a more enjoyable ride.

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We are dedicated to helping Ft. Collins bike community. Bike Wrench will contribute proceeds from its yearly sales to local and state community first.

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Keeping your bike tuned regularly keeps you on the trails and road and makes a more enjoyable ride.